Good Form, my boy, Good Form!

| May 8, 2011

Audio Sequencing Tools like Reason, I’ve realized are really, really powerful teaching tools.  I guess, the value of such software on a few levels.  The music that most of  our students hear on a regular basis, particularly in the genre of pop use a tremendous amount of such software.  A way of engaging kids in the material is to let them know that they are using software that stars like Rihanna and Ke$ha are singing to.

Perhaps more important is the power that audio sequencing tools can have in helping kids understand the concept of form (or sequencing.).  When I was playing around in Reason, I kept thinking to myself “where do I begin,” and I imagine its a question that  a lot of kids will have as well. There are so many instruments and effects that its easy to get overwhelmed.  I found that thinking about structure really helped ground me.  I thought “lets right a chorus,” and looked to write 4 bars that would repeat itself in my song.  Teaching form and then allowing students to both play with existing forms, and make their own I think is a great way of using Reason. Moreover, once students truly master concepts like form, they can start writing tunes like they hear on the radio; who knows, we might inspire the next amazing artists! I have attached my creative ramblings in Reason below! Enjoy!

duh 1